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Hugo Saavedra Studio is a Midwestern-based wood shop founded in 2007 when it was originally known as Superb Woodworks. Its name changed in 2019 so customers would immediately know the unique pieces they purchase are created by the hands and mind of the company’s artisan/master craftsman/owner, Hugo Saavedra. Located in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, we create fine wood furniture and art for residential and commercial clients from around the world.

Fine wood furniture and art

Quality craftsmanship

35+ years of experience

Residential and commercial

Custom designs

Customers worldwide

Our Story

Our Wisconsin shop has its roots in the South American country of Uruguay; a place where traditional woodworking is revered.

HUGO SAAVEDRA Founder/Artisan

To know Hugo Saavedra Studio is to know its owner, Hugo Saavedra. Hugo was born and raised in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Having attended and graduated from art school with a concentration in woodworking and sculpture, Hugo went on to study and apprentice in both Venice, Italy and Backnang, Germany. With this additional training and experience, Hugo returned to Montevideo where he formed his original shop, Il Duomo, providing furniture restoration, wood sculpture, and design sculpture to commercial and private clients.

Prior to that, Hugo was a furniture restorer of historical assets at Uruguay’s Ministry of Culture & Education, National Library before becoming Department Manager, Wooden Objects Restoration for the Ministry’s History, Artistic, and Cultural Heritage Committee. In this role he managed its historical wooden objects through restoration, prevention, and safeguarding of objects through proper storage, preservation, and use.

In the time since he was a young art student, Hugo has been creating fine furniture and artwork for clients, both residential and commercial, in addition to the wood restoration work he’s performed over the years.

For Hugo, woodworking, sculpture, carving, and furniture design are what he has studied, trained in, and made his life. This passion is infused into each piece he creates.

Hugo lives with his wife, Nancy, and their two cats just a short walk from Lake Michigan.


Our Mission

To keep alive old-world, handcrafted, quality craftsmanship in the making of our wood furniture and sculptures so they are enjoyed and handed down for generations.

Our Vision

Wood brings a warmth and a strength to home and office. Whether it’s a contemporary chair or a traditional desk or table, we see wood as always in style, always able to be integrated into any decor, and always in demand.

Co-founder/Marketing Director 

Nancy has had an interest in woodworking craftsmanship going back to when she was little and would go antiquing with her parents. A Midwesterner born and raised, Nancy grew up with an appreciation for the antique wood furniture they’d find and that she would also later inherit from her family. These pieces still inhabit her home today alongside modern furniture and sculpture from her artisan husband, Hugo Saavedra.

With a long-time career in public relations/communications, Nancy is delighted to be working alongside her husband putting her skills to work for a business that’s personal to them.

Her goal is to let as many people possible from around the country – and the world – know of the unique pieces created by Hugo and how they, too, can have a custom artisan piece designed and created for them.

What We Do

wood Furniture

We create unique pieces that spring from the mind of our artisan Hugo Saavedra, as well as work with our clients to create custom wood furniture that fits their vision and needs in home or office.

wood sculpture

Whether you’re seeking a large-scale outdoor sculpture or a small indoor piece for display, we’ll work with you to design a one-of-a-kind sculpture that makes a statement or is a conversation starter.

Art and Architectural wood Carving

Hand woodcarvings are rare these days. Many carved wood pieces are created by machine, looking and feeling flat. Hugo Saavedra is one of the rare talents who hand carves art pieces and architectural elements, such as corbels and mantles, for homes and commercial spaces.

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“In the creation process of my furniture, several factors are involved: one is the medium, which is mainly wood. When I see an interesting figure or grain direction in a particular piece of lumber the process begins, as a cascade of possibilities and questions. Is there enough wood for a table or a cabinet? May I combine with other species? Could I employ different colors and figures to create a dramatic effect?

Secondly, is the design, shape, and size. These three things are interrelated and relative, depending on the species selected and lumber availability. Besides construction, perhaps this is the one aspect involving more time as it starts before the physical work and continues until the finishing stages. Throughout, I’m always readjusting some part of the design as everyone interacts and comes together.

Wood is a natural product with annual movement, which brings us to the third factor. There is different hardness between species, and every one of my pieces present a challenge to accommodate all of these things to achieve a product lasting generations using traditional techniques and joinery. Somehow I want to achieve a connection between my work and the old craftsmen in their skills, dedication, and pride in their trade achieving the type of results they had – objects they created and built which are still present today. 

As a medium, design and intention start colliding while the factor making the sublimation is skill and physical work. Now, another set of questions arise. What is the best joinery of the woodworking repertoire? Can I make it without mistakes? (We all do, learning in the process.) The physical work is the fun part. It’s the time when I interact with the material and the idea to create a unique piece that becomes part of the world.

What you see from my work is the result of a fluid interaction between vision, creativity, material, and skill. It’s the crystallization of me in an object, as artist and craftsman.”

                                                                                                                                                      — Hugo Saavedra


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